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Individual Health Insurance


Individual Health Insurance can be used for those that have retired and are looking to bridge the gap to Medicare, employee’s that are between jobs and are ineligible for benefits currently, or for children aging off of their parent’s insurance at age 26.  We are licensed in many states and are credentialed with Priority Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network, United Healthcare and HAP for individual health insurance.  Randy is credentialed with Pivot, Priority Health and United Healthcare/Golden Rule for Short-Term Major-Medical.  If you are interested in short-term major-medical or are interested in a carrier not listed, please contact our office at 248-298-4000 or




We Can Help Get You Covered. Here's How:


On Marketplace                          Off Marketplace                                         Short-Term Major-Medical

You may be eligible for a subsidy,               If you’re not eligible for a subsidy,                                   If you don’t have a qualifying life event

which can reduce your monthly                  we can enroll you with a sooner effective                    to enroll you in traditional health

premium. Click here to get a quote.        date and have a more extensive list of                            insurance, we can assist you in enrolling

                                                                                        insurance carriers. Click here to get a                          in a short-term major-medical policy.

                                                                                        Blue Cross quote.